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Welcome to Our Farm!

We raise registered Mini Lamancha goats in the mountains of North Carolina. We think these wonderful dairy goats are the perfect addition to any homestead. Mini Lamanchas are the combination of Nigerian Dwarfs and Lamanchas. Mini Lamanchas are calmer natured (easier to keep in fences and train to the milk stand), quieter and more productive, in general, than Nigerian Dwarf goats. On the flip side, they are smaller, use fewer resources and are easier to handle than full size dairy breeds. Mini Lamanchas have creamy, neutral flavored milk that we drink and use to make cheese, yogurt, cream, sour cream, etc. No goaty flavor in our milk!

We want our goats and your goats to lead long, productive lives. Accordingly, the traits we breed for are production and longevity. This means we want their bodies and udders to stand the test of time. So while we don’t currently show our goats, we breed for show-worthy traits. If you are looking to add to your herd, you can follow the links to the pages for Available Goats and Reservations for kids from this Spring. 

Available Goats

These are All the Goats we currently have available for sale. If you see someone you like, click HERE to fill out the Purchase Form.

If you want to Reserve a Kid from this years kids, please CLICK HERE.