Available Goats

We make sure every animal we sell is comfortable with human handling. Goat kids born on our farm are usually dam raised and always human loved. Any adult does sold will be well trained to the milk stand, to being milked by hand and to leash walking. Adult bucks will walk on a leash and come to food. If there is ever an exception to these, it will be clearly noted in the sale page for that animal. We strive for animals that are easy to handle and a joy to have. We offer a $50 discount on each goat when 2 or more are purchased at the same time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


  • BYB Farm LSF Jace
    BYB Farm LSF Jace
    Jace is a super sweet buckling. He has really nice confirmation and is on the bigger side for a Mini Lamancha. He is a second generation with elf ears.


We don’t have any goats for sale at this time. Please check back in the spring.